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Brand Blueprint DNA Workshop

Let’s defragment your business and reignite your brand narrative to realise your vision, mission and objectives!


is a Brand Blueprint Workshop?

Do you worry that your brand has lost its way? Are you stuck with a fragmented approach to your marketing? Are you trying to reposition your brand in the market for success?

A Brand Blueprint Workshop session with me can help you do all of these and more!

As an experienced Australian Marketing Consultant with two decades of marketing experience and tonnes of vigorous passion for branding, I channel my business advisory expertise into a marketing brainstorming session designed to create an unbreakable brand positioning platform.

My style of energised Australian Brand Consulting is unlike anything you’ve experienced; it’s purpose-built to bring the best out of your team and create marketing magic in real time. Are you ready for it?


do you need a Brand Blueprint Workshop?

Consistency and clarity are the hallmarks of every strong brand. 

They drive confidence, conviction and captivation amongst both your team and customers, and are the basis of a brand’s value.

This means ANY TIME you feel as though your brand is straying off course and lacking consistency, clarity or general direction, it is THE PERFECT time to conduct a Brand Blueprint Workshop. It’s how we return your business to the core of its purpose, or as I like to call it, its brand DNA.

When you start to question your marketing decisions or find yourself lost for words about where your brand fits into the market, I’ll be ready to help you get back on track.


needs a Brand Blueprint Workshop?

It’s for everyone who’s looking for EXCEPTIONAL brand marketing outcomes – because who doesn’t want that?  

More specifically, my Brand Blueprint Workshop is for any business, personality or corporation that is struggling to define what makes them tick. It’s about clarifying why you do what you do and why someone would choose you over your competitors.

Because if you aren’t sure, you can be 100% sure that your customers aren’t either. 

Most times, answering these branding questions isn’t as easy as looking internally. You need a fresh, objective set of eyes who can help to bring the best out of your team. That someone is ME!


does a Brand Blueprint Workshop work?

Before we meet, I’ll assess your marketing, check the aspects that are working (I’ll commend them, of course) and then guide a brand brainstorming session with you and your team where all ideas are on the table!

From there, I’ll use my decades of brand marketing expertise to walk you through three key workshop sessions:

Laying the groundwork

we clarify the history and story of your organisation to date, your target audience (internally and externally), and conduct a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis to understand your current brand positioning and where we need to get it to.

Defining your brand

Next, I’ll collaborate with you to define your brand. This includes your vision, mission, drive, and purpose as well as your core offering, brand values and brand positioning to remove all doubt about why your brand exists and what it stands for.

Building your brand blueprint

Finally, we will clearly define your brand’s value proposition, personality, promise and tone so that you always know what to say and exactly how to say it. Then, we will help you this into a series of messages that you can distribute across all of your marketing efforts! (Goodbye marketers block!)

Afterwards, I distil everything we’ve discussed into a 15–20-page Brand Blueprint document so that you can take all of our branding ideas and apply them to your Australian business’ marketing. 


of a Brand Blueprint Workshop


to apply your Brand Blueprint?

Together, we have defined your brand and crafted a strong brand blueprint document that you can use as the foundation for all your brand communications.

Your Brand Blueprint will shine through in everything that your business says and does – after all, it will be in your DNA.

But more than giving your team and stakeholders direction, your Brand Blueprint will help your customers understand how your Australian business is positioned in the market and why it is uniquely valuable when compared to your competitors. 

And, whenever the market changes or you feel like you need to get back on track, we can return to the drawing board… together!

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Need more answers?

Here are some FAQs and not-so-frequently seen answers about Brand Blueprint Workshops

What is a Brand Workshop?

A Brand Workshop, or what I call a Brand Blueprint Workshop, is where I get together with you and your team to facilitate a brand development session. In this session (which you will really love), I use all of my passion, energy and brand expertise to guide you and your team.

We will cover many different aspects of your brand’s past, present and future, so we can assess and define your brand.

What are the core parts of a Brand’s Blueprint?

A strong brand blueprint needs to contain the following five aspects: 

  1. Your Proposition
  2. Your Personality
  3. Your Brand Promise
  4. Your Tone of Voice
  5. Your Brand Messages

In our brand development session, I will take you through all of these and we will put together branding options for each of these to help you define your own brand.

What are all of the parts of a Brand Blueprint Workshop?

Well, when we run the team branding workshop, we will discuss all aspects, including the history of your brand (so we can capture your original essence), and then talk through your audiences, what triggers them and why your brand is a relevant option.

From there, we will explore your competitors, your vision and mission, as well as your brand’s drive, brand purpose, brand archetype and brand attributes.

After this, my team and I will put together your complete Brand Blueprint document which defines everything we’ve discussed.

What do I do with a Brand Blueprint?

Once we have run your brand positioning workshop, I will put your Brand Blueprint document together. Once your brand definition is all done, you then put it all to work!

Think of it as your brand’s bible – the foundation for all of your business going forward.

From there, we can do further work to put together your brand’s core messaging or we can use your branding to extend it to your social media, collateral, your brand’s website and more.

Does a Brand Blueprint help my business?

Absolutely! Brand clarity and consistency are keys to success – the biggest brands in the world do it and now, with my Marketing Consultant Brand Blueprint workshop service, you can too.

A Brand Blueprint document gives you a reference point and removes any confusion about your brand’s positioning and direction. Having an up-to-date brand blueprint means that you have a brand handbook you and your team can refer to.

Does this help define my Brand DNA?

Yes, a brand blueprint session is the same as working on defining your brand’s DNA. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of knowing that you’ve invested the time to articulate your brand’s DNA.

Can my team get involved in a brand definition workshop?

Definitely, yes. I want your team to participate in defining your brand. The more insights we get from them, the better as everyone can contribute. When everyone contributes to defining your brand, then everyone will also have great buy-in.

Is there an ROI on a Brand Blueprint development workshop?

Great question – and the answer is YES – in the form of monetary brand value that should come from this brand definition session. When implemented correctly, your brand will gain value from having a solid positioning. 

That’s because having brand clarity drives confidence, influence and attraction.

If your brand has a strong value, you can have a greater influence on your customers, better attraction from employees and more leverage over your stakeholders.

Why should I create a Brand Blueprint document?

Having a well-articulated and defined brand document acts as a guiding beacon for all branding, marketing, advertising and operational decisions. Think of this brand DNA as a starting point and is essential for ongoing success.

Imagine how much easier business would be having a clearly defined and relevant brand that your team were excited about and your customers could relate to. That’s pretty powerful stuff! 

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