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AI Ethics Consulting

Let’s enhance Human-AI collaboration in your business to make AI governance work for you with me, your qualified AI Ethicist!


Is AI Ethics Consulting?

AI Ethics Consulting involves hiring a qualified AI Ethicist (like me!) to come into your business to consult with your management on the responsible adoption of human-centred AI technology, develop AI Governance policies and workshop AI Compliance with your team.

AI is here to stay. Platforms like ChatGPT are integrating into the global business world!

So, we can’t just hide away or hope for the best. We need to be implementing good ethical AI practises in business. This does two things for you: it prepares your team to make socially responsible decisions when it comes to AI use, and makes your team feel more comfortable with AI implementation into your business.

As an Australian AI Ethics Consultant in Sydney who has studied Responsible Artificial Intelligence at the Australian Institute of Applied Technology, I advise businesses to ensure that you’re implementing AI rules and responsible AI governance policies into your organisation so that your whole team know how, when and why to use AI in their daily roles.


do you need AI Ethics Consulting?

Every single business requires AI Ethics Consulting right now to implement positive AI Governance and AI best practise.

Why? Because we’re going through a transformative era in the global commercial world today. It’s not possible to avoid AI use in business – which means that it’s going to heavily influence your organisation sooner rather than later.

As a government-qualified AI Policy Ethicist who has studied under Lee Hickin (the Director National Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft Australia), I can come in and help your team navigate the political complexity of AI implementation and responsible AI use.

Everything from AI team consulting to writing up responsible AI governance policies, I’m here when you need me!


needs AI Ethics Consulting?

All businesses, professionals and corporations can leverage my AI Ethics Consulting services. That’s because it doesn’t matter how big or small you are – we all must be prepared for responsible AI adoption

AI will increasingly impact our future decision-making processes. So, to create responsible AI business systems, they need to be designed and implemented in business by a diverse group of people with different perspectives so everyone can contribute. This mitigates the possibility of risk and bias in AI systems and allows them to use their capabilities to support your human team safely.

If you’re looking for a trusted Australian AI ethicist to help you integrate business AI safety without hesitation or fear, then I’m right here for you!


does AI Ethics Consulting work?

I come in, assess your planned and/or current AI use within your business and determine an action plan for how your business will utilise AI ethically in your organisation.

From there, I work alongside your team to develop AI policies and ethical digital standard practises to ensure that everything you do as a business:

  • Preserves human rights
  • Builds internal trust in AI systems
  • Promotes responsible AI use and innovation
  • Ensures AI understandability and explainability
  • Addresses business impacts with AI
  • Navigates potential AI errors
  • Mitigates real-world harm from AI


of AI Ethics Consulting


to apply AI Ethics Consulting?

Wherever you integrate AI into your business, that’s where you can use my AI Ethics consulting service as the risks of poor AI practise are too high.

Good AI Governance starts with a discovery meeting to map out your business’ current AI use. From there, we can have a consulting session with all of the key stakeholders to discuss AI business cases. 

After I have a thorough understanding of your AI posture, I can help you develop AI policies and AI Governance procedures to prioritise human oversight, preventing over-reliance on these systems when making business decisions. This helps tap into the benefits of business AI while appropriately managing the risks.

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Need more answers?

Here are some FAQs and not-so-frequently seen answers
about AI Ethics Consulting:

Why should I care about AI Ethics for my business?

If you’re not using AI yet, take this as a sign to take advantage of this tech. If you are, then you definitely MUST consider AI Ethics.

Yes, hear me out.

AI Ethics is critical for businesses because it helps mitigate risks associated with AI technologies, such as bias in algorithms, privacy violations, and unintended consequences. Prioritising ethical considerations not only enhances trust with customers and stakeholders but also reduces legal and reputational risks.

It demonstrates a commitment to responsible innovation and sustainable growth – that’s the kind of business that attracts and retains today’s customers, That’s the kind of business I help you become as an AI Ethicist.

How can AI Ethics Consulting benefit my organisation?

While AI has been around for a long time, it’s also relatively new and most businesses still can’t fully grasp its scope, limitations and associated risks.

I’ve been a Sydney marketing consultant long enough to know that organisations can benefit from an extra set of eyes when adopting new practises (and it’s important to get insights from industry experts).

As a qualified AI Ethicist, that’s what my AI Ethics Consulting service is for,

AI Ethics Consulting benefits organisations by providing expert guidance on ethical best practices in AI development and implementation. It helps enhance transparency in AI decision-making processes, mitigate ethical risk and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

By aligning AI initiatives with corporate values and societal expectations, businesses can foster trust, innovation and positive societal impact.

Is AI Ethics Consulting only relevant for tech companies?

No. While that’s a fair assumption to make, it’s important to note that AI Ethics Consulting is relevant for any Australian organisation using AI technologies, regardless of industry.

Whether you’re in healthcare, finance, retail or manufacturing, ensuring ethical AI practises is crucial for maintaining trust, addressing societal concerns and complying with evolving regulatory frameworks.

AI Ethics Consulting allows you to navigate complex ethical challenges and contribute positively to your respective sectors – and that’s the best way to utilise innovation.

What are some common ethical challenges in AI development and how do you address them?

A very good question – and a great opportunity to remind businesses of the side of AI most people miss!

Common ethical challenges in AI development include:

Australian AI Ethics consulting addresses these challenges by evaluating your business’ AI systems for fairness, transparency and accountability. It involves identifying potential biases, ensuring data privacy protection and establishing ethical guidelines for AI implementation.

The best part? I have a human-centric approach to AI Ethics Consulting – so you can rest assured that I will always have your business and your team’s best interests at heart.

Can AI Ethics Consulting help my organisation comply with regulations?

Yes. It’s actually among my top priorities as an AI Ethics Consultant.

AI Ethics Consulting helps organisations navigate regulatory requirements related to AI technologies. 

I provide guidance on data protection regulations, algorithmic transparency, fairness in AI decision-making and ethical standards mandated by regulatory bodies. By ensuring compliance with legal and ethical guidelines, organisations can minimise regulatory risks, avoid penalties and build a reputation for ethical leadership.

How do I get started with AI Ethics Consulting services?

That’s actually the easiest part!

To get started with AI Ethics Consulting, contact me to schedule an initial consultation.

During this consultation, we’ll discuss your organisation’s specific needs, goals, and challenges related to AI ethics. We’ll collaborate to develop a customised approach that enhances ethical practices in your AI initiatives, promotes responsible innovation and supports long-term ethical compliance.

And we’ll go from there! You can take the first step today, just reach out! 😊

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