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"Chris' results-oriented approach sets him apart from other Consultants. But what truly distinguishes him is his business acumen."

Leah Daly - ADGILITY

“I’ve worked with Chris for over 5 years now and it comes of no suprise that he has been awarded Marketer of the Year for over 2 years now. Chris is a truly talented professional in the world of copywriting. His results-oriented approach sets him apart from others but what truly distinguishes Chris is his business acumen; he comprehends how impactful copy can drive tangible growth for your business. I highly recommend Chris and his awesome team at Melotti Media for any of your copywriting needs.”

Hear from Brady Yoshia, the Founder of Brady Marcs Buyers Advisory.

Roy Kowarski - Out There Branding

“Having had first-hand experience of working and engaging with Christopher, his mindset around understanding his customers’ requirements is very clear. Listening to his customers’ challenges is what equips him to provide valuable insights to overcome their challenges. This is a unique skillset in itself. Further to this is Christopher’s willingness to share his knowledge and experience as a market leader in his area of expertise. I would have no hesitation in recommending Christopher and Melotti Media to companies who want to stand out in a crowded market.”

Hear from Benjamin Williams, the founder of 55 KNOTS.

Brent Claremont - HubSpot

“Chris has always been a leader! From his unique and successful national marketing campaigns to his ‘outside of the box’ thinking, Chris is one of the most exciting and successful marketing consultants and copywriters around. I refer many clients from Hubspot to him.”

Hear from Kate Russell, the Founder of The Huddle.

Lauren Randall - Business Owner of Brunswick Kids

“I absolutely love working with Chris, not only is he an exceptional Copywriter and Marketing consultant but he really understands the needs of my business and customer. This has allowed my business to grow exponentially.”

Hear from Chris, the Founder of OneAnother.

Carlos Uribe - Owner of Sydney Smile Centres

“It was Christopher’s passion, enthusiasm and proven track record which saw me hire his services as a copywriter and Marketing consultant, where I saw consistent results due to his knowledge and expertise. It was his loyalty and that fact that he truly cared that made him different.”

Hear from Caroline Liuzzi, the Founder of Creative Art Therapy Australia.

Hear from Angela Sedran, the Founder of The Business Growth Accelerator.

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