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Marketing Audit Sessions

Show me your marketing and I’ll health-check it live!


is a Marketing Audit Session?

So, you have your website, marketing campaigns and socials set up – good for you!

A Marketing Audit is where we set up a session where I assess any of your marketing efforts and check what’s working and what’s not – I do this live and make comments on the spot.

Sounds pretty straightforward, right?

If you feel like something’s off with your marketing efforts and you’re not getting the results you set out for, it might be time for a marketing health check – let’s do it!


do you need a Marketing Audit Session?

Once you’ve put in the effort on your marketing, you want it to work as great as it possibly could – but what if it doesn’t?

If you want to check that your marketing is getting you the results that you deserve or need a set of fresh eyes to scan your current direction, I can be a marketing tester for your campaigns.

I have years of marketing experience and expertise that allows me to see marketing from a different (and quite refreshing) perspective, and you can tap into that potential whenever you need to!


needs a Marketing Audit Session?

All businesses, personalities and corporations need my Marketing Audit services. That’s because it doesn’t matter how big or small you are – of course, you want to get the most returns out of your marketing campaigns.

If you’re looking for a professional marketer with years of industry expertise and experience to look over your marketing campaigns and give them a good scan, you know who to reach out to!


does Marketing Audit work?

It’s exactly how it sounds – it’s an audit for any aspect of marketing that you need checked and eventually, improved.

Basically, we set up a session so we can workshop and health check your existing campaigns live. From there, I’ll come up with ideas to improve your marketing – so you can get the most out of them.

With a Marketing Audit, I make marketing work for you, with you.


of Marketing Audit Sessions


to apply Marketing Audit Sessions?

You can use Marketing Audit across all of your marketing efforts such as your website, product launches, social media and more. Just show them to me and I’ll get the ball rolling.

It’s a once-off service that you can use when you need to get exactly what you need out of it. And if I don’t give you anything, I’ll return your money. Easy!

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Need more answers?

Here are some FAQs and not-so-frequently seen answers about Marketing Consulting

What does a marketing audit session involve?

I know – an “audit” sounds daunting, right? 

A marketing audit works the same as any other audit, but I approach it differently. 

My professional Australian marketing audits involve a comprehensive review and analysis of (one or all aspects of) your current marketing strategies, activities and outcomes.

Each marketing audit session is designed identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (so, what’s working and what’s not) in your marketing efforts to refine and optimise your approach for better results. 

Why should I conduct a marketing audit session?

Well – why not?!  

Whether your marketing is doing great or you feel like you’re stuck in a spot where you’re not getting the results you deserve, a marketing audit session is always a great first step to moving forward. 

Conducting a marketing audit session is crucial to ensure that your marketing efforts are aligned with your business goals and are delivering the desired outcomes. 

It helps uncover inefficiencies, areas for improvement and opportunities for growth, ultimately leading to more effective and targeted marketing campaigns. 

A strategic marketing audit with a Sydney Corporate Marketing Advisor (yes, me!) can help you uncover the good, the bad and everything in between your marketing – and come up with action steps that you can implement afterwards. 

How often should I conduct a marketing audit session?

Unique businesses have unique needs – so the answer to this question may vary. 

The frequency of conducting marketing audit sessions can vary based on factors such as industry dynamics, business goals and the pace of change in your market. 

However, I usually recommend that businesses conduct audits annually or biannually to ensure their strategies remain relevant and effective. 

Who should participate in a marketing audit session?

Your entire team can get involved – after all, marketing works best when there’s buy-in across the team and consistency can be maintained along the entire customer journey (which will eventually involve other teams beyond marketing such as sales, customer service, etc.) 

But for larger businesses and Australian corporations, a marketing audit session typically includes key stakeholders from marketing, sales and senior management. 

I also recommend involving individuals who have a comprehensive understanding of your business goals, market dynamics and customer insights – that’s how you make the most of each marketing audit session. 


What are the expected outcomes of a marketing audit session?

Okay, so about the outcomes and results – here’s what you can get out of a Christopher Melotti Marketing Audit Session… 

First off, you get to see your marketing with fresh eyes with the help of an external perspective and see how your marketing reaches your audiences


From there, you’ll have expert-driven data that will give you: 

  • actionable insights and clear recommendations for refining or adjusting marketing strategies,
  • optimised resource allocation for the efficient use of marketing resources based on identified priorities,
  • improved ROI through more effective marketing initiatives and
  • strategic alignment of marketing activities with overall business objectives. 

How can I prepare for a marketing audit session?

Because I make each marketing audit session as easy as possible for the businesses I work with, you really don’t have to prepare much. 

If you already have a website, social media content and other marketing collateral set up, I can come in and health-check any (or all) of these for you and make comments live. 


But here’s something you can actually prepare beforehand: define clear objectives that you want to achieve through the audit session. 

With a clear set of goals in mind, I can proceed with the audit and make sure that all suggestions are aligned with the unique goals of your business – allowing you to make the most out of my comprehensive marketing review services. 

Who conducts a marketing audit session?

There are different types of marketing audits: you can audit your marketing internally or get an external perspective. The latter is what I would recommend – especially if you work on your own marketing. 

Marketing audit sessions are often conducted by experienced marketing professionals or consultants with expertise in strategic analysis, market research and performance evaluation.  

As a Sydney marketing strategy expert, I’m here to bring impartial perspectives and industry insights to ensure a thorough and objective audit process for your marketing. 

So, are you ready? Let’s have a look at your marketing! 


What happens after a marketing audit session?

That’s when all the action begins! 

After a live health-check of your marketing collateral (be it your website, digital content or social media) I’ll give you insights and  recommended changes that you can either implement on your own or if you need an extra set of hands, with the help of my network of marketing professionals. 

From there, it’s all about continuous monitoring of marketing outcomes which is crucial to realising the benefits identified during the audit. 

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