Energised Business Marketing Consulting

unlike anything you've experienced!

I give your brand, business and team a vibrant dose of results-driven vigour aimed squarely at your goals.

Your “status-quo” or “same-same” has diminishing returns. You don’t want to be there. Let me reinvigorate your trajectory with my unique Australian business marketing consulting services and AI ethics advisory.

I collaborate with ambitious brands you actually know (and love)!

Don’t let your current status quo set in forever

It can happen and it’s a real danger.

The world moves too fast, and you (and your business) deserve so much better.

Let me help you lift off with energy!

From once-off classes and seminars to bespoke teaching, workshops and single strategy sessions, I’ve always got your best interests in mind without the locked-in contracts.


Yep, you guessed it. I’m Chris – the ‘orange guy’

It’s an absolute pleasure. I’m here for you, your brand and business.

Do you want an extroverted energiser on your side? Done!

Hundreds of clients say: “gosh, I wish I could tap into your endless passion and use it to empower my organisation.”

So… here I am! Let’s make magic happen.

See me in action!

Ok, yes: “consultant” seems a bit stuffy. But I’m not!

I put a great new swing on things.

I’m here to help you:

You’ll notice I pop up everywhere!

Here are just a few.

What are the benefits of having a
Business Marketing Consultant like me?


See your marketing in a new light, leading to better results that you can be proud of.

Daily Marketing

Learn from a pro who lives and breathes business, AI and marketing every day.


Discover innovative ideas you didn’t know where right there. I’ll help you uncover them.

Cost Effective

Save money by investing in cost-effective strategies that provide the best value, ongoing.

Customer-Centric Approach

Develop strategies for meaningful and authentic engagement with your audience.

Holistic Business

Align marketing efforts with your broader business goals for comprehensive success.

Tap into Endless Enthusiasm & Energy

Whether you need ideas or innovation, passion and profit go hand-in-hand when it’s genuine. That’s why I’m here to supercharge your organisation.

Treat me like your business battery, here to motivate and inspire through Australian business consulting with a creative concept flair.

Benefit from Established Expertise & Experience

As the Founder of MELOTTI MEDIA, the award-winning Content, Copywriting and Marketing Bureau, I have partnered with a wide range of organisations, from local charities to multinational corporations (literally!).

After more than two decades of working across every industry, in corporate offices, out on the road and embarking on the entrepreneur journey, I’ve seen and loved so much. 

I can be that much-needed fresh perspective when you want to shake things up, get an external opinion on marketing and crash through corporate red tape with a smile! 

Business Marketing Consultant Solutions

Feast your eyes and set your excitement on these “oh, that’s what I need” Australian business consultancy services.

Let’s discuss how your brand marketing can lead the conversation

We can break the dangerous ‘way we’ve always done it’ mantra

Show me your marketing and I’ll health-check it live!

Watch me bounce off the walls to engage your audience

Great business comes from powerful ideas. Let’s generate them

Let’s turn you into an active leader, rather than a follower

I’ll show you how to present with technique, flair and poise

Set your brand apart with a foundational marketing strategy

Achieve your communication goals with strategic comms consulting

How we collaborate


I’m not about trapping you with ongoing subscriptions.

I want to earn your ongoing business! Hence the once-off consultant services.

Here’s how my creative consultancy and innovation ideation process works.


At this stage, I’m here to listen to you and discuss your business. You have my full, undivided attention so let’s get everything out to begin.


From this understanding, I ask you questions and give you an idea of the possibilities that are open to you, both in the short and longer term.


I present to you my proposal and plan of action. If you wish to proceed, we cheer, and I officially join your circle as your trusted Creative Consultant.


Now I begin to research, carefully assessing your team members, your capabilities and your full business potential.


After I’ve laid the foundations of growth, we begin my consulting service to provide you with the right insights to make smarter decisions.


If our sessions require follow-up marketing services, copywriting or brand communications, we move to Melotti Media for ongoing work.

Brands I’ve worked closely with

What my clients say

Why once-off consulting services?

Because usually, that’s all you need to get results from my consultant services!

OF COURSE, you can keep hiring me, but I want to earn your business over and over – not lock you in or simply expect it. That means we can build trust and earn results together!

Ok, that’s SO enough from me!

I’d like to hear from you now!

Then we can discuss how my Australian Business Consultancy, Marketing Advisory and AI Ethics solutions can help you.

In action!

Make that positive click forward

You’ve got everything to gain – plus, I would really like to talk to you.

Choose the comm style you prefer so we can discuss.

Don’t put me off too long! You’ll wonder why you didn’t speak to me sooner (it’s what most clients say, anyway).