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Bespoke Teaching Classes

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are Bespoke Teaching Classes?

I have always been known for my energy and enthusiasm – that’s what all the orange is for! So, I enjoy sharing my expertise and flair by speaking at events and teaching bespoke classes.

It doesn’t matter if I’m teaching an intimate team of 5 or a stadium of thousands – my energy is always at 101% (because, well, I’m extra!) and I make sure to share everything I know in a fun and engaging way.

I tailor each class to your unique needs, so your team can take the next step in marketing, copywriting and innovation – ask me anything and I can be a guide in the direction you want to take.


do you need Bespoke Teaching Classes?

Upskilling is a staple in today’s businesses – the more skills your team has, the more recession-proof your business is. Zzz, right? I know! People start to doze off when they hear the words “class” and “lessons”.

This is why I combine my marketing expertise with my performer spirit to put together customised classes that empower your team across copywriting, marketing, content creation and more.

The difference? All my classes are full of energy and enthusiasm – I can talk about anything marketing and share techniques you can actually use. So, no more compliance courses that will put your team to sleep!


needs Bespoke Teaching Classes?

All businesses, personalities and corporations can learn from and enjoy my bespoke teaching classes. As a natural performer and an effective communicator, I’ve done a number of speaking engagements across various industries on marketing, branding and more – and I can’t wait to teach and have fun with your team next.

If your team needs a speaker who can motivate, teach and entertain at the same time, these classes are made specifically for you!


do Bespoke Teaching Classes work?

We always hear this: learning should be fun – and I take that almost way too seriously (pun intended!)

You can just brief me on the topic, then you can expect me to come in with the slides, examples and all the energy I can muster that will make each class an actual fun and engaging experience for you and your team.

Learning? Check! Fun? Check! And all tailored just for your team.


of Bespoke Teaching Classes


to apply Bespoke Teaching Classes?

You apply all strategies from my classes across everything your business does, including all of your channels and social media. In fact, I specifically teach your team in the context of your business.

We only have to meet once, learn from each other, have heaps of fun – and off you go, applying the latest marketing techniques and spreading the word(s) in your industry.

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Here are some FAQs and not-so-frequently seen answers
about Bespoke Teaching Classes:

What makes bespoke teaching classes different from traditional tutoring methods?

Bespoke marketing classes are my passion project – they’re all about YOU and your marketing success!

Unlike traditional courses that follow a standard curriculum, these bespoke Australian business classes are tailored specifically to your marketing needs and goals (I’m passionate about this and it really shows when I teach!)

So, whether you’re aiming to master social media, refine your branding strategy, or boost your digital presence, there’s a class I can teach and I’m here to make learning dynamic and effective for you!

Can I choose the specific marketing topics I want to focus on in bespoke marketing classes?

Yes, you can – and you’re encouraged to do so! That’s the beauty of it!

It’s your marketing journey, so you get to choose.

From mastering SEO and content marketing to diving deep into email campaigns or general upskilling for your marketing team, I’m here to help you crush your business goals.

Together, we’ll customise a learning plan that aligns with your team’s objectives and ambitions, making learning not only effective but also exciting and relevant to your industry.

Want a bit of a preview? Check out these events!

How flexible are the scheduling options for bespoke marketing classes?

Bespoke classes are customised, flexible and accessible – that’s why they work for businesses like yours.

I understand the demands of running a business or managing a busy marketing career. That’s why my bespoke marketing classes offer flexible scheduling options that fit your hectic schedule (because I’ve been there too!).

Whether you need sessions during office hours, evenings or weekends, we’ll find a schedule that works best for you to ensure your marketing education is stress-free and aligned with your timeline.

Bonus: we can do it remotely or in-person – it’s totally up to you!

How can bespoke marketing classes accommodate different learning styles and preferences?

The best teachers are all about catering to students’ learning style and preferences – now I’m not saying I’m the best (yet), but I adopt this approach.

Whether you’re a visual learner who loves data-driven insights, a hands-on marketer who thrives on campaign execution or a strategic thinker who enjoys analysing market trends, my teaching methods adapt to your unique learning style.

I truly mean it when I say that my classes are bespoke. I make every session dynamic, effective and of course, FUN!

How do bespoke marketing classes ensure relevance to my industry and market niche?

My bespoke marketing classes are laser-focused on your industry and market niche.

Whether you’re in tech, hospitality, real estate or any other sector, I tailor the content and strategies to align with the specific marketing challenges and opportunities you face. From case studies to real-world examples, I ensure every session is packed with insights and tactics that are directly applicable to your business environment.

By integrating industry-specific knowledge with cutting-edge marketing principles, my goal is to empower you to navigate complexities, capitalise on emerging trends and lead your market with confidence.

No ZZZs in bespoke classes – you’ll find yourself hanging on to every word because every single thing is practical!

Can bespoke marketing classes help me stay ahead of the curve with new marketing trends and technologies?


Marketing is constantly evolving and that means staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. My bespoke marketing classes not only cover tried-and-tested strategies but also explore the latest trends, tools and technologies shaping the marketing landscape.

Whether it’s AI-driven marketing, agency collaborations or emerging social media platforms, I equip your team with the knowledge and skills to leverage new opportunities and maintain a competitive edge in your industry.


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