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Marketing Consulting

Let’s crack the marketing code and propel your business forward with my Marketing Advisory services


is Marketing Consulting?

Looking for new marketing ideas that will wow your customers? Stuck with marketing challenges? Trying to outsmart competitors and stay ahead of the game?


A Marketing Consulting session with me can help you do all of these and more!

As an experienced Australian Marketing Consultant with two decades of marketing experience and tonnes of vigorous passion for innovation, I turn Marketing Advisory services into a marketing brainstorm session that is as value-adding as it is exciting. 

This is energised Marketing Consulting, unlike anything you’ve experienced. This is where marketing magic happens. Are you ready for it?


do you need Marketing Consulting?

Marketing is a non-negotiable for the success of any business. But you know that!

This means ANY TIME you want to assess, revamp or supercharge your marketing is a great opportunity for a Marketing Consulting session. After all, we all want to make sure your marketing efforts are earning the results they deserve, right?

If you’re tired of the same-same approach and you need bespoke marketing ideas aimed at your unique marketing targets, that’s the perfect time for a Marketing Consulting Session with me.


needs Marketing Consulting?

It’s for everyone who’s looking for GREAT marketing outcomes. Because (let’s be honest), no one’s doing marketing just for the sake of it – we do it to get results.

All businesses, personalities and corporations can leverage my Australian Marketing Consulting services. That’s because it doesn’t matter how big or small you are – we all could use an extra hand (or brain or heart) when it comes to marketing.

If you’re looking for a trusted Australian marketing expert to help you break away from the marketing status quo, then I’m right here for you!


does Marketing Consulting work?

I come in, assess your marketing, check the aspects that are working (I’ll commend them, of course) and then workshop the marketing areas that need improvement.

From there, I use my decades of marketing expertise to give you a fresh perspective and even fresher ideas that make your marketing actually work for your business.

I can work as a once-off Sydney Marketing Consultant OR you can bring me on board as a retained business consultant on an ongoing basis. From there, you can take all of our ideas and apply them, unless you want further guidance from me on the execution aspect, too.


of Marketing Consulting


to apply Marketing Consulting?

You can leverage my energised Marketing Consulting service wherever you need it, right when you need it.

Wherever you do your Marketing – that’s where you will apply your key takeaways from our Marketing Advisory session. You can transform all of your marketing channels with our co-created ideas: from your website and your socials to your in-person marketing events – the possibilities are endless!

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You’ve got everything to gain – plus, I would really like to talk to you.

Choose the comm style you prefer so we can discuss.

Don’t put me off too long! You’ll wonder why you didn’t speak to me sooner (it’s what most clients say, anyway).

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Need more answers?

Here are some FAQs and not-so-frequently seen answers about Marketing Consulting

What is the difference between marketing consulting and brand consulting?

This is a very common question – and I’m always happy to answer this one! So, here’s the difference:

As an expert Sydney Marketing Consultant, my role is to come in and look at how your marketing is working, and more importantly, what’s not working, to help identify the areas that need improving.

From there, I work on new marketing ideas and strategies to help refresh your marketing, solve your challenges and achieve your goals.

Brand consulting is focused on strengthening your brand as a whole, rather than just your marketing. And if you’re looking for a Sydney Brand Consultant, I can help you too!

How can marketing consulting improve my brand’s online presence?

In more ways than you can imagine!

Marketing is a powerful tool, but it takes a certain degree of expertise and experience to get it right. 

If your marketing isn’t quite hitting the spot with your online audience, this is something that I will be able to help you with.

From identifying exactly where your audience is spending most of their time to determining what they want to see or hear from you, I can work with you to help you uncover what you need to do to improve your online presence and achieve success.

This is all part of working with an expert Marketing Strategy expert like me!

How can I measure the effectiveness of your marketing consulting for my brand?

To help you better understand the effectiveness of my suggestions on your brand’s marketing, you can measure key indicators, such as:

However, as the old saying goes, great things take time!

You can’t expect things to change overnight. However, if you take my advice and execute on the ideas and strategies I offer to you, you will start to see results very soon.

But that’s exactly what I’m here for! I can run through all of this with you as part of our expert marketing consulting session to ensure you’re all geared up to measure your success.

Can my existing marketing team implement the ideas and strategies you suggest as a marketing consultant?

Yes, of course!

So long as you’ve got a strong marketing team behind you who are willing to take my ideas and suggestions on board, with the ability to execute these strategies for your brand, you’ll be able to call on your existing team to help you achieve your goals.

As a top Marketing Strategist in Sydney, I’ll be able to identify whether you already have the marketing resources you need in place, or whether you may have to hire more marketing staff or outsource your marketing to a dedicated agency to achieve the results you are after.

This is all part of the “Christoper Melotti – Marketing Consultant” promise!

How does your marketing consulting keep up with rapidly changing trends and customer behaviours?

The short answer? 

Because I am working in marketing literally every single day!

If a new trend pops up, you can bet that I know about it. But this isn’t me bragging. This is me ensuring that I can always remain the best Marketing Consultant and Brand Specialist that you need to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Working on my own business, and with so many marketing partners in my network, I’m always hearing and learning about the latest trends and customer behaviours. In fact, I couldn’t avoid it if I tried!

This means you can have full confidence that I will be able to bring all the latest insights and trends to the table to help you master your marketing and supercharge your business growth.

Do you conduct market research for us as part of your marketing consulting?

As an expert Sydney Marketing Consultant, while I’m always up to date with the latest market research and insights, I don’t personally conduct this research for my clients.

However, I have several great market research partners in my network that I can refer you to help you unlock the insights you need to drive your marketing in the right direction.

Rest assured, once you have this research in front of you, I am more than capable of helping you to understand what it all means and how you can use it to benefit your business. 

From there, I’ll help build the tailored marketing strategies that your brand needs to put in place so you can dominate your market and stand out above the noise.

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