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Personal Brand Tutoring

Let’s turn you into an active leader, rather than a follower


is Personal Brand Tutoring?

Personal Brand Tutoring is the story behind big names (big words, right?!)

But that’s exactly what happens here! You tell me you want to be noticed, be a huge influencer or shine as an industry leader and I come up with the strategies that help you do all these and more.

But not like a typical consultancy thing! I’m not stuffy like that.

I help you build your own personal brand and give you all the ideas you need so you can be known for exactly who you want to be.


do you need Personal Brand Tutoring?

It’s for when you’re ready to shine, sparkle and embrace your own person.

If you want to be known for your expertise, establish credibility and drive people towards your business through you – it’s the perfect reason for Personal Brand Tutoring.

I always see people in the best light, and I take advantage of this to show you how you can make that shining personality your default, because that’s how leaders are made!


needs Personal Brand Tutoring?

All business leaders, managers and personalities need Personal Brand Tutoring. That’s because it doesn’t matter how big or small you are – you want to be known for all the right reasons.

If you’re looking for a professional who markets personalities (not just brands!) and who can help you with your personal branding needs, these are for you.


does Personal Brand Tutoring work?

I’ll basically be your hype guy – but I do more than just cheer!

Once we’ve established who exactly you want to be, I’ll come up with the strategies that will take you there. I’ll tell you what to share, where to go and who to reach to be popular and more importantly, trusted by the right people.

Through Personal Brand Tutoring, I bring out your natural sparkle.


of Personal Brand Tutoring


to apply Personal Brand Tutoring?

You can use Personal Brand Tutoring to promote yourself across all of your marketing efforts such as your website, product launches, social media and more.

It’s a once-off service that you can use when you need it – and get exactly what you need out of it.

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Make that positive click forward

You’ve got everything to gain – plus, I would really like to talk to you.

Choose the comm style you prefer so we can discuss.

Don’t put me off too long! You’ll wonder why you didn’t speak to me sooner (it’s what most clients say, anyway).

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Need more answers?

Here are some FAQs and not-so-frequently seen answers about Personal Brand Tutoring

What is a personal brand?

Well, your personal brand is how the world perceives you due to your personal brand marketing – that’s the story you tell about yourself in a professional setting, both online and in-person to “position” yourself deliberately, meaning people recognise you for something you want to be known for.

Your personal brand is what makes you utterly unique and memorable to all those you meet, whether they’re potential employers, clients or partners. Your personal brand is also what makes you shine and stand out from your competition. When executed effectively, your personal brand boosts your profile and acts as a powerful tool in driving your career development.

With a polished personal brand like the one you’ll get from my Sydney Personal Branding services, you’ll be truly unstoppable in the business world. You’ll be able to let your personal brand do all the talking to show the world who you are and why people need you.

How does Personal Brand Tutoring differ from business branding services?

Typical business branding services focus on selling products or services, but with my Personal Brand Consulting, we focus on selling YOU!

Why? Because you’re the product. You’re the people we want everyone to buy into!

Once your audience trusts your personal brand and believes you to be a credible source of truth and value, they will be willing to buy any product or service you offer that solves a problem for them.

That’s why, as a Sydney personal branding specialist, I focus on the value YOU can offer the world and help you build a personal brand that positions you as THE ONLY option in your niche.

You can then use this personal brand to appeal to:

What are the key elements of a successful personal brand?

There are several personal brand factors that go into creating and maintaining the perfect personal brand for you – and that’s where a Sydney Personal Branding Consultant (yes, me!) can help!

First up, your personal brand must be CLEAR and CONSISTENT. This ensures your audience can easily understand who you are and the value you provide.

Your personal brand also needs to be AUTHENTICYour audience will be able to tell if you’re trying to project a fake version of yourself that isn’t real. You need to stay true to yourself and your values to build real brand credibility.

An effective personal brand is also HIGHLY VISIBLE and ENGAGING. This means connecting with your audience in as many different ways as possible and actively participating in and communicating with your community.

Finally, your personal brand must have a clear VALUE PROPOSITION, but be easily able to ADAPT to evolving market conditions and audience demand to ensure you stay relevant and top of mind.

With my expert Personal Brand Development services, I help you with all these and more to ensure your professional image sparkles and captures attention in all the right ways!

How can Personal Brand Tutoring Services impact my career or business?

Basically… in more ways than you could ever imagine!

Looking to land that dream job? A personal brand will help.

Hoping to break through the elusive 6- or 7-figure ceiling? A personal brand is exactly what you need.

Networking to find a potential business partner? Knock their socks off with a great personal brand.

With a great personal brand developed with the help of my Personal Brand Tutoring, you’ll be able to forge new paths in your career or business that you never thought possible.

You get the point! 

If you’re looking to get ahead and have a huge impact on your career or business, look no further than improving your personal brand.

What can I expect from Personal Brand Tutoring?

In a nutshell – a well-aligned, well-articulated, well-executed and well-received personal brand that empowers you to achieve your professional goals!

What more could you want?!

As an experienced Australian Personal Branding specialist, I’ll work with you to understand and articulate the real value that you offer the world – that way, you can be noticed (and chosen) by your ideal customers.

From there, we will work on how to show this value to your audience in a clear and consistent way that grabs their attention.

We then devise a strategy for you to implement and follow to help build your professional profile and image into a powerful and effective personal brand that commands your audience’s attention and gets you the results you’re after.

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

How can I measure the success of my Personal Brand Tutoring?

Ultimately, the success of your personal brand and my Personal Brand Tutoring services will be reflected in the results that you soon start to see in your professional life.

As a Sydney Personal Brand Consultant, I sit down with you to understand your goals and why you want to build and develop your personal brand in the first place. From there, everything we do will be in pursuit of those goals.

From building the foundations of your personal brand to crafting the perfect way to get your message across and engage your audience, we will work to help you achieve the success that you are after.

Once it’s all over to you, the measure of success will literally be YOUR SUCCESS.

How do you customise Personal Brand Consulting to suit my specific needs or industry?

When we first sit down with each other, either virtually or in-person (your choice), the first thing I do is ask you what you want to achieve out of Personal Brand Tutoring. Your goals, aspirations, business plans, the whole nine yards.

As your Personal Brand Consultant, I also work to gain an detailed understanding of your unique circumstances, including how your industry works and the specific requirements you have as part of developing your personal brand.

This is what helps me to design the ideal strategy to help you get the most out of our specialist Personal Brand development sessions.

From that point on, everything we do will be customised to focus exclusively on your specific situation. 

Because, at the end of the day, I’m a Sydney Personal Branding Consultant who works with you, for you!

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