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Brand Consulting

Strengthen your business’ positioning and drive more demand with a brand you can truly be proud of!


is Brand Consulting?

Brand Consulting involves me collaborating with you on the 10 Cs of your brand to strengthen the entirety of your business’ positioning.

Do you want a resilient and well-rounded brand? I mean, who doesn’t, right?!

You may know everything about your business – but surprise, surprise – your customers don’t. Making that assumption makes your brand boring, bogus and bashful.

My Brand Consulting services protect your business from this risk.

With my innovative ideas and decades of marketing expertise, I assess all the aspects of your brand to find out what’s working and what’s not – leaving you with an action plan for a brand that you can truly be proud of.


do you need a Brand Consulting session?

If you feel like your brand is kind of stagnant or you’re not getting your branding across or you just want to give your brand a boost – these are the signs that you need me as a Brand Consultant.

So, yes, anytime and ASAP!

If you’re lost and unsure of how to make your brand more adventurous, authentic and active (basically, A+), then I can come in for a brand consultancy sesh.


needs a Brand Consulting Session?

Anyone who wants to take strong branding seriously could benefit from a brand consulting session. And let’s be honest – no one can thrive without a strong brand…so it’s for everyone!

That’s because it doesn’t matter how big or small you are, we could all use a branding boost to connect with today’s customers.

Complacency is the enemy of a strong brand (I know that’s a strong claim, but I stand by it!). And if you want to protect your business from this risk, then you need a fresh perspective from an Australian branding expert (yes, me!).


does a Brand Consulting Session work?

Straightforward. We sit down, assess your brand, see which aspects are working and come up with actionable plans for those that are not. 

I cover all the bases and see how you can strengthen your brand with the 10 Cs of Strong Branding (if you haven’t heard of this yet, that’s just one more reason to reach out for a brand consulting session!).

I can be there for you as a once-off Branding Coach, OR I can brand consult on an ongoing basis. After the Brand Consulting session, you take away all the ideas and carry on with the execution on your own or I can also guide you as you boost your brand.


of a Business Communications Coach


can a Brand Consulting session help?

Once I’ve assessed your brand and come up with actionable ideas that can strengthen your brand, you’re free (in fact, I encourage you) to implement them across everything: your physical spaces, online platforms – wherever your customers are.

It’s a once-off Brand Coaching session that you can take as much as you want out of. And if I don’t give you anything, you get your money back. So, let’s do it!

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