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Lost for Business Ideas? You Need An Innovation Consultant, Today!

Innovation is a concept that every business is told to embrace. The only problem is that the term ‘innovation’ is highly abstract.

So, what are the rules when it comes to innovation?

There are none!

Innovation by its very nature is elusive, at least until you find that one idea or concept that sparks an action and leads to a unique solution that can change the market altogether.

All this “innovation” talk sounds great.

  • Innovation drives profitability
  • it drives differentiation
  • it capitalises on opportunities
  • while protecting you from threats.

However, while that is all well and good to say, the only thing more difficult than defining innovation is actually achieving it, especially when you spend all your time working in the trenches of your business and industry.

People are always asking “What can we do that is the next best thing?” or “How can we separate ourselves from the market?”, but when you are working day in and day out drinking the company’s daily propaganda, it’s tricky to think outside the box.

That’s where an Innovation Consultant comes in…

An Innovation Consultant offers a fresh and objective perspective backed by countless years of experience who is ready to help you identify and pursue that next innovative idea.

Let’s discuss this service further and take a look at why it may be the right path for you and your business.

So, when do you need an innovation consultant?

The answer – whenever your business finds itself locked into a creative stalemate.

Not sure what that looks like?

Then ask yourself a few basic questions.

  1. Have you found that your business is stuck in a rut?
  2. Are you facing a problem with no foreseeable solution?
  3. Do you need ideas for your next step, but can’t think of any?
  4. Is it hard to develop new business directions and concepts?

If any of these situations are relevant to you, or for some other reason your organisation is paralysed and lacking direction, that’s what we like to call a ‘business stalemate’.

The good news is, that, unlike Chess, the game of business allows you to make your own rules. You aren’t bound by grids or finite pieces on a board, instead, the creative possibilities are virtually endless!

The difficult part, however, isn’t in recognising that you need innovation. It’s in coming up with an innovative path forward. Fortunately, an Innovation Consultant can bridge that gap for you and your business.


Ok, sounds helpful, but what exactly are the benefits of Innovation Consulting?

As I always say:

“Innovation is the lifeblood of every business’ survival”.

In other words, an Innovation Consultant may be the lifeline that your business needs.

Businesses are powered by innovative ideas that evolve into concepts, campaigns and tactics that are then executed.

But what EXACTLY can you expect to gain from an Innovation Consultant?

1. Identify new opportunities

The riches are in the niches – so it’s best to find them first.

Innovation consulting can help you identify new market opportunities, customer needs and untapped niches. This can lead to the development of new products, services and even business approaches.

The result – a more unique offering and most importantly… progress, progress, progress.

2. Improve processes

Perhaps a revamp of your offering isn’t what is required to break free from your stalemate. Instead, improvements to your internal systems may be the best path forward.

With a fresh, outside perspective, an Innovation Consultant can propose ideas for how to increase efficiency and productivity levels, internally for better outcomes, externally.

3. Encourage an adaptive culture

Innovation consulting isn’t linear; it doesn’t lead to one-to-one results.

Instead, bringing an Innovation Consultant on board can breed exponential results for your business. 

How? Well, having an Innovation Consultant can inspire enthusiasm towards fresh ideas and out-of-the-box thinking amongst your team. With a more creatively inspired working environment, expect more creative solutions for the future!

A good Innovation Consultant doesn’t only offer up more innovative ideas but also helps to foster a more innovative team and environment through brainstorming sessions.

4. Access to fresh thinking

Naturally, not every business has access to creative minds or a creative environment to start with. Your team may be highly proficient in their field of expertise, but often their skills are more analytical than creative.

So where can you find creative expertise?

Externally, via an experienced Innovation Consultant who spends time, daily, crafting solutions to break business stalemates.

Think of us Innovation Consultants as your phone-a-friend option when creativity runs dry.

5. Accelerate Innovation

Organic Innovation moves slowly. However, the competitive market moves quickly…

So how can you keep up?

Leverage the expertise of an external Innovation Consultant who can help you differentiate your business at speed and at scale to boost the innovation process and eclipse your competition.

6. Improve decision making

Sometimes all you need is expert guidance and reassurance. By providing objective recommendations and advice, an Innovation Consultant can help guide you toward decisions you would not have made otherwise or even validate the decisions that are putting you and our business on the right track.

It’s like having an expert playmaker in your ear, at every step along the path toward innovation.

To summarise…

Conceptualising ideas that are relevant and unique is what your business needs in order to get ahead.

But how? Innovation!

Innovation Consulting is a path towards achieving exactly that. It’s about identifying problems and building creative solutions with the guidance of a creative expert as an antidote to business stalemate.

Great, sounds helpful! But where can I start?

Innovation Consulting starts with a one-off strategy session to brainstorm innovative ideas.

It’s all about getting the right ideas out in the open!

All you need to do is book a strategy session with me (your Innovation Consultant) and I will run you through the entire session – one that’s super engaging and highly rewarding.

With your team’s knowledge and my creative passion and expertise, we will collaborate to find a set of ideas that you and your team can action and execute.

Simple and effective!

The last thing you need to overcome stalemate is more arduous processes and analysis that overcomplicate things and lead to more idea paralysis.

How does Christopher Melotti help you with Innovation, Concept and Idea Consulting?

This is not just about a chat. We get together to come up with practical ideas – LIVE!

As an Innovation Consultant, I can see the fresher, bigger picture and help you come up with great, unifying concepts and ideas. This way, you can break your business stalemate and instead, have some creative thinking to get you back on track.

If you want to shake your business up and open your mind to new ideas, then my innovation consulting service is what you need.

How Can I Help You?

For ongoing business longevity today, you need quality ideas, fresh concepts and innovative suggestions. However, I understand that this is easier said than done.

You’re time-poor and spread thin, and this may not be your expertise. So, let’s get together to get the creative business ideas flowing.

For more information or to speak to an Innovative Consultant to get the results your business deserves, reach out today!


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